Stephanie Green, MS
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Tarot Reading $30 (30 min)/$60 (60 min)

This is a 30- or 60-min service where you can ask specific questions or get guidance/advice on a general area of your life such as career, life purpose, relationships/love, trauma healing, spiritual/awakening/enlightenment journey, dream interpretation or you can leave it up to fate and see what comes through for you. In this session I will utilize a combination of divination tools of tarot and oracle cards as well as my knowledge of astrology, if warranted, to provide guidance and insight to you from your higher power. 

Stephanie Sump, MS

Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern
Reiki Level 3 Master Certified
Certified Life Coach

Do you feel like you’re not good enough? Do you question who you even are? Maybe past hurts keep you held back. Don’t know where to start or who you could even be outside of the trauma or hardships you’ve faced? These can be scary questions to ask yourself and scary memories to discuss. Good news is you’re not alone. I believe the only way out is through. I have experience working with many in this exact situation and have been on my own journey of self-discovery. Our thoughts shape our reality and with some effort and guidance it is possible to change our thought process and turn our life in the direction we want to go.

Through a collaborative relationship in counseling we can face these scary questions & get to the core of you. We can see the self-sabotaging thought patterns & change those self-limiting beliefs in a judgment free environment. Together we can face those memories from the past & learn to heal & grow from them, discovering the true authentic you underneath.

Don’t let fear keep you from living to your full potential and create the life of your dreams. Through guidance, desire and effort it is possible. Contact me today to get started on feeling less anxious and more confident. I am available days, evenings and some weekends. Ask me about telehealth if interested.

Life Coaching $70 (60 min)

Life coaching can be a productive way to collaborate with another to help in navigating the world and forging your own path. Are you unsure who you even are? Do you struggle in making decisions? Are you unsure what your beliefs are, what career may be best, how to obtain your goals and dreams or even what your dreams are? Do you believe you are lacking confidence in yourself or believe you don’t have the tools necessary to move forward? Do you long to live a more fulfilling life? If any of these are questions you have then life coaching may be the right fit for you. I can assist in all areas from career, education, goal setting, confidence building, relationships, and more. I specialize in helping those that feel lost discover who they are, what they are meant to do and get started on their desired path to live a more fulfilling life that feels true to you. I operate from a holistic platform and a more spiritual/esoteric perspective. 


Reiki $85 (60 min)

Reiki is an energy healing modality that works with the bodies seven chakra system. This process involves channeling energy to remove blockages and balance the chakras. When these meridians are blocked they can cause an array of issues in the areas of mental, emotional and physical health. Reiki is part of a holistic approach to promote mind, body and soul wellness. Relaxation, stress relief and comfort are some other benefits of this service and no touching, needles or any invasive practices are involved. Crystals, candles, sound healing items may be used in some sessions if I am called to utilize them for your healing. If you would like further information on this practice I can provide a consultation before service is booked to address any questions or concerns.