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Susanne Sogar, LMHC, NCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor,
National Certified Counselor

*Currently only available via teletherapy*

Perhaps you are here out of concern for your child, a loved one, or a significant relationship. Perhaps you are hoping to overcome personal struggles. DO YOU FEEL THAT YOU JUST DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS TO WORK THROUGH THIS ALONE ANYMORE? Let decades of parenting and relationship experience and my professional training come to your help. Your concern and your willingness to take action can be the first step toward emotional healing for you, your family, or your relationship. I believe everyone, child or adult, has the innate ability to heal and grow into their best potential. I believe pursuing counseling is a sign of STRENGTH.

I offer you non-judgmental understanding and HOPE. Together we will identify your strengths, so you can overcome emotional pain and learn NEW TOOLS TO MANAGE LIFE. I can provide the PARENTING SUPPORT you may need. As a trained EMDR therapy provider I and can help you heal from PAST TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES. I can assist you with your SPIRITUAL QUESTIONS.

You may be concerned about the cost involved in counseling. Don’t be. I offer counseling by a FULLY LICENSED professional at an affordable cost. I became a counselor because it is my passion to reach out to those going through life's struggles. Keep the momentum going: VISIT MY WEBSITE, EMAIL OR CALL. I WILL GLADLY ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE.

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