Counseling for Christians

Are you Christian counselors?

At SWFL Counseling, LLC we believe in the value of Christian counseling. Although we do not exclusively provide counseling to Christians, nor are any of us qualified to provide biblical/pastoral counseling, we are able to incorporate your Christian beliefs, strengths, and concerns into your treatment. We are prepared to do this for ANY religious background and we welcome people of ALL faiths and cultures into our office!


Christians have some unique struggles along their faith journeys. Sometimes these conflicts involve sin, forgiveness, following God’s law, or coping with trauma. Our faith can sometimes pose challenges to us in our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behavior. It can be helpful and relieving to discuss these concerns with a professional who shares your faith and is also qualified to provide effective counseling to you.

Churches have been a long-time source of guidance and support for many. Unfortunately, for a small percentage of you, the church’s guidance has been less than supportive, leaving you hurt and confused. This is rare, but does happen. If you have been hurt by your church, it is important to address this hurt and heal from it. We can help you move forward from this and mend your relationship with both God and the church.

The following therapists have the ability to counsel from a Christian perspective: